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Welcome to Bassangler.org!

Welcome to the new site of bassangler.org!  As you will see when you go through the site, it is not quite completed yet but I wanted to get it online so those of you who've been following my site through the years would finally have something to look at again!

This site is a project that has been a long time in the making. We've gone up and down throughout the years simply due to my lack of time to keep it running but I'm hoping to change that for good!  I plan to release this site in sections with the final section being the most in depth. Currently, the following items are up and running:

The last section to complete is the member gallery.  This section will allow anyone create a free account with bassangler.org and upload their favorite pictures of the fish they have caught over the years.  Each user will have the ability to provide as detailed information as they wish about the picture they are uploading. 

The goal of this site is to give each user an area to save their images online to share with everyone!  We all know how much every fisherman loves to tell stories; well this site gives you a place to upload the pictures that go along with those stories! 

This site is not dedicated soley to largemouth bass either! Feel free to upload pictures of any fish that you catch!  Chances are I'll have posted just as many channel catfish as largemouth bass simply because that is what is mostly available where I fish. I personally prefer fishing from the bank rather than a boat simply because it is easier and because I'm pretty much the only one in my family that enjoys fishing.  Someday I will get my boat up and working again but I'm in no hurry. Feel free to join the website (as soon as I have the member's section up and running that is!)  Also, check out the anger's shop!  Any profits I make from the sale of merchandise will go right back into the maintenance and development of the site. If I get enough customers who want my merchandise, I'll start to post new designs. I need to see that there is an interest in them though. Otherwise it will continue to be a basic shop.

Do you have a suggestion or a question? Well let me know by emailing me at dunlap.bryan@gmail.com. I really do want to hear from you.

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